• Is Your Skin Autumn-Ready?

    Anytime there is a change in weather conditions, your skin is affected. In this case, the summer sun has been replaced by bracing winds and plummeting temperatures. So why should your skin suffer and what can you do to tweak your routine for the coming months?
  • Why We Are Loving Stoptober

    There is no doubt that Hommage men are partial to a bit of indulgence. 

    But when it comes to cigarettes, I’m afraid there is nothing we can promote other than complete abstinence. Stoptober is a great place to start. Here's why participating in Stoptober could and, if continued,  would be the best life choice you ever made for your appearance. 

  • Tackling Sober September? Here's Why Your Skin Will Thank You

    We have spoken previously on this blog about how to handle a hangover.

    But with ‘Sober September’ upon us, abstinence is the name of the game. 

    And at Hommage, we are all about the preventative approach. 

    So if you’re struggling to steer clear of the sauce, here’s a bit of motivation in the form of all the reasons your skin will benefit from the booze break.

  • How To Achieve The Perfect Shave - With Hommage

    Shaving is a frequent, often daily, task for most men. Achieving the perfect, comfortable shave requires not only correct technique, but excellent ...
  • Beyond Factor 50: How To Protect Your Skin In A Heatwave

    It may have taken its sweet time but, in the Western world, summer is very much upon us.  Before I go on, allow me to preface this blog by saying ...
  • How Stress Affects Men's Skin (And How To Control It)

    Whether you are a hard-working professional, a stay-at-home dad, or a student cramming the perks of university life around cramming for exams, ever...
  • Male Skin versus Female Skin

    Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to creating skincare products for men, it’s really not just a case of redesigning the packaging of an exi...
  • Zoom Ready Skin? It’s Your Call.

    There’s a lot of fun to be had during conference calls. They’re often tense and back-to-back, so anything to lighten the mood, even to yourself,  m...
  • Top Excuses Men Make For Not Taking Care Of Their Skin (And Why They’re Just Not Good Enough)

    Other than "the dog ate my moisturiser”, we’ve heard them all.  Often, it seems men will do anything to get out of committing to a simple skincare ...
  • What to buy for Father’s Day? We’ve got it covered.

    It’s an age-old rite of passage – a father teaching his son how to shave. Everyone remembers their first time, even if only as a witness – which, b...
  • How to Adapt Your Skincare Routine During Lockdown

    It is more important now than ever, during the Covid-19 lockdown, to try and maintain ‘normality’ in our daily lives. Healthcare professionals insi...
  • My Hommage Home Spa

    The world has changed and you may not have access currently to your favorite spa. Create your own bespoke Spa experience within the privacy, safety...