Top Skincare Tips For Men

Navigating skincare can be a lot of time and effort. So we have summarised some key tips from our team of experts.


Tip 1 - Wash your face before going to bed 

Not washing away the dirt and grime accumulated on your face is a first class ticket to breakouts. During the day, the skin comes up against environmental aggressors including UV light (yes, this also applies to winter) and pollution. Would you brush your teeth at the end of the day to get rid of the accumulated food and bacteria? Your skin should be no different!


Tip 2 - Get some shuteye 

Those late nights are causing havoc for your skin. As you sleep your skin goes into repair mode so not only can a better nights sleep make you more productive during the day but it can reduce the cortisol levels that trigger the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. A win-win in our books!


Tip 3 - Find a skincare routine and stick to it 

Even if you arent getting the sleep you desire, due to deadlines at work or just plain old procrastination, make sure you prep your skin to repair well. One of the great myths is that a daily skincare routine takes a significant amount of time and effort, its time we quashed that rumour. Brilliant results can be derived from a basic set of high quality products. If you are unsure what to use, try our Facecare Plan and receive a simple 30 day supply.


Tip 4 - Don't jump on the latest fad 

Newly 'undiscovered' super-ingredients are all the craze for brands trying to overcomplicate your routine. Ingredients like Micellar Water (cleansing oil molecules suspended in a water-based solution...??) can contain harmful ingredients such as PHMB which are illegal in some countries and not others (for good reason). Gold masks which contain anti-bacterial properties and stimulate collagen production are based on minerals that actually can't be absorbed into the skin (as it is not water or oil soluble). Don't jump on the band wagon, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...


Tip 5 - Control your diet

I know most of us refuse to admit this to ourselves, but we all know deep down avoiding too much sugar can reduce breakouts, not to mention general weight gains. Look good, feel good and put in what you want to get out. 


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